Saturday, November 29, 2008

End Wave. Pg. 21. The Lion.

Originally printed in the newspaper known as The New York Intelligencer.

Mysterious Abduction Outside Brooklyn Brownstone

Dave Wilson
November 17, 2017
Downtown Brooklyn - NYPD and the Major Case Squad are investigating a bloody crime scene in connection with the mysterious abduction of 31 year old, Robert Backler.

At 12:15 AM EST, Saturday, November 15, police responded to a call from a DSNY employee on Union Street between Hoyt and Bond Street, located just over a block (Southeast) from the Gowanus Canal.

The Sanitation worker said he witnessed a "darkness" attack Backler as the service truck was making it's designated stops. As the worker rushed to the scene he was about twenty yards away when he saw the "lion shaped darkness" drag Backler quickly up the front wall of a three story brownstone.

Police found no signs of Backler on the roof, only a large amount of blood, as well as a pair of eye glasses. Backler was last to leave a dinner party he was attending at the building he was dragged to the top of. Police also found two cats in a nearby school lot, both covered in what appeared to be blood. Police said both cats were uninjured.

Backler is 6' 1", 178 lbs, caucasian, has brown eyes, and a shaved head. Backler has no distinguishing birthmarks or tattoos.

NYPD are continuing to investigate Backler's abduction, while the Major Case Squad investigates similar strange reports throughout the metropolitan area.

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